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Steps to Change/ Synergy

We are what think, eat and feel! Leah is a Medically trained Dietitian/Nutritionist with a Naturopathic philosophy. Since most diseases and symptoms either have inflammation as the driving force, or is a contributing factor it is vital to investigate and treat the body from this angle. Predominately I target the the gut/digestive system, after all it as where food travels through, and most inflammation starts. My goal is to help people identify food intolerance, or sensitivities, digestive function issues, nutrient deficiencies, or if emotions are contributing to the symptoms and conditions the client presents with, then support each to heal using food, targeted supplements and emotional healing.

Steps to Change/ Synergy

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174 Wiliam St
Broken Hill, New South Wales 2880
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8088 7749 (Miss Leah Marmulla)



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