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Mrs Alysia Chick

Alysia Chick is a Naturopathic practitioner based in Bendigo. She specialises in healing with Wholefoods and using food as medicine. Her approach is to treat you as a whole being, caring for mind, body and spirit together in order to bring you back to a place of true health. Digestive issues, bowel health, food intolerances, detoxification, stress, fatigue, skin issues and hormonal imbalances are her areas of interest, however Alysia can also help you with mood disorders, pain relief, children's health, fertility and general health and wellness.

Mrs Alysia Chick

Alysia B Chick

Contact Details
21 Crossley Avenue
Epsom Victoria 3551
Phone (Mobile)
0409 022 919
Clinic Hours
Tuesday From 10:00 am until 4:00 pm
Friday From 10:00 am until 4:00 pm
Bachelor of Health Sciences, Naturopathy
Patient Focus
Families; Women
Treatment Services
Cooking Classes; Online consultations
Allergies and sensitivities; Chronic fatigue syndrome; Dermatitis; Digestive problems; Eczema; Fatigue; Fertility issues; Headaches; Irritable bowel syndrome; Menopause; Pre-Menstrual Syndrome; Pregnancy; Stress

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