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Miss Leah Marmulla

Working with the ideology "We are what we think, eat and feel, Leah helps you come back to wellness by seeing where you are at and guiding you from there. Most diseases and symptoms either have inflammation as the driving force, or is a major contributing factor making it pivotal to investigate and treat from this angle. Predominately the gut/digestive system is the focus after all it as where food travels through, and most inflammation starts; but then entire body is considered. My goal is to help people identify food intolerance, or sensitivities, digestive function issues, nutrient deficiencies, or if emotions are contributing to the symptoms. Using various methods - food, mindfulness, accountability, supplements if needed, with the intent to support the client back to wellness. The signature program Food Intolerance Breakthrough - Reclaim ME! leads participants through the mine field of intolerance, emotional scares and nutritional deficiencies created over their and potentially their parent's lifetime. and the many symptoms they present. We hep people get back to basics and support the body to heal its self. I would love to chat with you to see how we can make change, either in yourself or the people you work with. Drop me a line or call 0425 327 199

Miss Leah Marmulla

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Contact Details
174 Wiliam St
Broken Hill New South Wales 2880
Phone (Landline)
8088 7749 (Miss Leah Marmulla)
Clinic Hours
Tuesday From 9:00 am until 11:00 am
Medicare: Dietetic Consultation A$80.00
Private: Online Consultation A$150.00
Bachelor of Health Science (N& D); NLP Certification
Patient Focus
Children; Adults; Older adults
Treatment Services
Email consultations; Group Sessions; Online consultations; School Visits
Digestive problems; Fatigue; General Nutrition; Migraine; Mood disorders; Stress; Weight loss

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