TAC LanternPay claim lodgement

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HealthKit integrates with LanternPay for Victorian based practitioners so you can process TAC claims seamlessly. Payments are processed electronically and are usually received in the practitioner’s account in the next business day for TAC approved services.

If you have any issues with TAC for online claiming, please call LanternPay on 1300 526 837.

Register with LanternPay

Registering with LanternPay
  1. To begin processing TAC claims online, you need to register with LanternPay using this link. Details of the fees for LanternPay can be found on their site.
  2. After registration is complete, go to the LanternPay Home page and click on the Settings tab. Click the ‘Integrate your Practice Management Software with LanternPay’ link.
  3. Click on the ‘Generate PMS API Keys’ link. This downloads a file that contains your unique API keys. This file can be found on the bottom left hand side of the screen. Click on the link to open the file.

How to connect LanternPay and your HealthKit

Linking Lantern Pay with your HealthKit

On the Settings page under your Profile tab in your HealthKit, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the + Add Biller button next to LanternPay under Integrations;
  2. Select your LanternPay setting level depending on your practice's needs - there are 3 levels:
Access to accounts
Level Description
Group level When all practitioners in the group use the same account and all payments are processed to the one account.
Clinic level When multiple practice locations use the different biller accounts and payments are processed to different accounts depending on the practice location. You can choose the specific clinics that can process TAC claims.
Individual When practitioners work across multiple clinics and may need to switch between a group and their own. You can nominate which practitioners will have access to the account; you can nominate access to all clinics or to selected clinics.

Information required to complete a TAC claim

The TAC has a number of criteria which must be met, with information on invoices required to be the same as information registered with the TAC for a payment to be accepted for online processing - specifically:

  • Claim Number: this is provided by the TAC;
  • Provider Number: either your Medicare Provider Number or AHPRA Registration Number are acceptable;
  • Date of Birth of patient and
  • Biller Code (taken from the registration details).

Processing TAC claims

How to lodge claims

When you select a TAC fee as the fee for an appointment (it is highly recommended that you import the TAC fee from the HealthKit global fee database) and access the invoice, you can lodge the claim directly with the TAC by clicking the Process LanternPay button in the Payments section of the invoice. The TAC Rebate popup form appears.

Before processing, confirm that the details are correct. If applicable, check:

  • If the fee is an item based fee (completion of reports for example), you can change the quantity;
  • If the fee is pro-rata based, and there was no appointment linked to this invoice, you can enter how many minutes the service is for;

Click the Process button when details are complete.

The claim is then lodged automatically with LanternPay. If the claim lodgement is:

  • Successful: you receive a Traffic Vic -TAC Online Claim statement that summarises the claim details; or
  • Unsuccessful: you receive an error message immediately with a short description of the error provided by LanternPay.

Cancelling claims

Claims that have been submitted and authorised can be cancelled before 5pm between Monday and Friday by calling HealthKit on 1800 984 334.

Deactivating direct lodgement capability

You can terminate your integration with LanternPay by clicking the Delete icon next to LanternPay under Integrations and then confirming the deletion. You will need to contact LanternPay directly on 1300 526 837 to close your account.

Purchasing HealthKit credits

Claims processed through LanternPay are 3 HealthKit credits. One credit is $0.22AUD.

To purchase HealthKit credits, go to the Payments page under your Profile tab and click the Purchase Credits icon. Enter the value of HealthKit credits that you would like to purchase, and HealthKit tells you the number of credits that can be purchased for that credit amount (for example, $30 gets you 137 credits). Complete your payment details, and click the Add button to confirm purchase.

You can also buy and top up HealthKit credits in bulk and save, whilst improving your practice. You can read about bulk discounts on your Payments page.

Automatic top up of HealthKit credits

You can set HealthKit credits to automatically top up when there are 10 credits left, thus ensuring that you always have enough credits for claims to be processed without you needing to check how many credits you have left.

Auto top up is initially disabled, and you can enable it by clicking the Modify button. In the Amount field, enter the amount that you wish to be automatically added when you have 10 credits left. Click the Enable button to enable Auto top up.

Watch this mini video for more information on HealthKit credits.


How do I set up LanternPay and how do I process a TAC claim?

You first need to register with LanternPay then follow the links to download the API key. After that you need to connect LanterPay and HealthKit on the Settings page. Once you are connected open the invoice, select TAC as the fee and click the Process LanternPay button.