Syncing with your iPhone and iPad Calendar

Select Calendars in Settings
Turn on time zone support

Syncing your HealthKit calendar with your iPhone and iPad enables you to see your appointments on the go, even when you're not logged in to your HealthKit account. After you have obtained your unique syncing address, you can sync your HealthKit calendar to your iPhone/iPad in two ways, either through email or manually.

Quick sync via email

You can email your unique syncing address to yourself when you get the address on your Users page or on your Calendar by clicking the Email icon next to the address, which automatically sends an email with the address to your email address that you use to login.

Click the link on the email and confirm that you want to subscribe to link your HealthKit and iPhone/iPad calendars, and then your calendars are synced.

Syncing manually

Adding your HealthKit calendar account

If you do not follow the email syncing process, you can sync your calendars manually using this three step process.

Find Calendar

The first step is to go to Settings on your iPhone/iPad. Then scroll down until you find the option Calendar.

Turn on Time Zone Support

If Time Zone Support is not turned on, turn it on by:

  1. Tapping Time Zone Support in the menu list
  2. Pushing Time Zone Support to be on.

Connect your HealthKit calendar

Connect your unique syncing address

Next add your HealthKit Calendar by:

  1. Selecting Accounts & Passwords;
  2. Clicking Add Account;
  3. Selecting Other as the type of calendar;
  4. Selecting Add Subscribed Calendar;
  5. Entering your unique syncing address in the Server field, which you can do by typing it in, or (to reduce the possibility of typos) by emailing the unique syncing address to yourself and pasting it from your iPhone email into the Server field; and
  6. Typing HealthKit Calendar as the description.

Now your HealthKit calendar is synced to your iPhone or iPad calendar!