Syncing with your Outlook Calendar

1. Click Account Settings

Syncing your HealthKit calendar with your Outlook calendar lets you see your patient appointments on your PC's calendar, by syncing your two calendars using your unique syncing address.

Account settings

2. Link your HealthKit and Outlook calendars
3. Enable your appointments

Go to the File menu on your Outlook calendar, and select Info, then Account Settings.

Link your internet calendar

Select the Internet calendars tab, click New and then enter your unique syncing address as the location of the internet calendar that you want to add to Outlook.

Next add HealthKit calendar as the description and select that you want to display the calendar on other computers with your email address.

Enable appointments

The final step is to enable your HealthKit appointments in your Outlook calendar by:

  1. Clicking the Send/Receive All Folders at the top left of your Outlook screen; and
  2. Going to your calendar and ticking the box that says HealthKit calendar.

Now your HealthKit calendar is synced to your Outlook calendar!