Syncing with your Google Calendar

Google calendar logo.jpg

By syncing your HealthKit calendar with your Google Calendar, you can view all your HealthKit appointments and your appointments recorded in your Google Calendar at the one time. After you've signed into your Google Calendar account, syncing your calendars is a quick three step process.

Add other calendar

Click Add a friend's calendar
Add the URL

Go to Add a friend's calendar on the middle left of your screen, and then select From URL.

Link your calendars

Enter your unique syncing address in the URL field and click Add Calendar. It takes a few seconds to import your calendar, after which your HealthKit appointments are shown on your Google calendar.

Rename your calendar

Rename your calendar

Under Other calendars, change the calendar name to HealthKit Calendar.

Your HealthKit and Google calendars are now synced!

Your HealthKit calendar is now shown on your Google calendar with the name HealthKit calendar.