Creating the Social History form

The Social History page

The Social History page is where you can record background information about your patient that helps you build a complete picture of who your patient is. You can record information such as their education, their employment, their marital status, details about their children or parents and so on.

From the Settings page, click the Edit icon to the right of Patient additional information. Click Enable to activate the Social History form in the Patient's profile. The Social History tab now appears on all your patient's profiles.

Editing the Social History form

The Social History form is based on a preset clinical tool which you can change on your Settings page. Click the magnifying glass to the right of Patient additional information to open the template editor.

This page works in the same way as creating and editing clinical tools. Here you can add or delete any questions, altering the Social History page to suit your needs. You can add or remove questions, change the order of questions, edit the existing questions etc.

Adding questions here will add the questions for any patients who you have already answered questions for and all new questions. If you choose to delete questions in the clinical tool however, the questions will not be deleted on the Social History page for those patients whom you have already answered the questions.

Ensure you save any changes you make.

Restoring questions

Inviting patients to create a patient portal

If you deleted any questions and now would like to add them back to the Social History page, you can click on the cog wheel on the top right of the page and restore the question/s.