Creating clinical overview templates

When you create a clinical overview template, you can see a history of patient interactions on the one screen; this is the information that you regularly record. For example, if you dispense medication to a patient every month, you can record all the dosage details and this is displayed in table form all on the one page. Or you might want to record the results of a patient’s pain recovery diary after surgery.

An example of pain diary template and a weight tracker

You can create your own clinical overview template in HealthKit on your Settings page. Click the Edit icon to the right of Clinical overview templates, and click the practitioner that the template is for. You can then click the Add clinical overview template button.

If you haven’t yet created the clinical tool, such as the pain recovery diary, you should do this first. Enter a title and then click Save. You can now add the template to the overview. Select the practitioner and click the Modify xxx template (the button will have the name of your overview template).

You can also track specific information on your patient’s Clinical Overview by adding trackers here. These trackers allow you to chart your patient’s progress or changes over time. For example, you can measure your patient’s weight or blood glucose levels over time using the tracker.

To add tracker questions, select Add another tracker and enter any question with a numerical answer. In the Title field, you can choose a different name, if you would like something more descriptive or you have questions that are similar. You can only add a tracker here that you have previously created or you have imported from HealthKit’s pre-set database.

Click the Add another tool/ template button and enter the name of the template or tool. You can add as many tools or templates as you require and Save.

Overview templates for practice groups

A default template is created for each practice group, however individual practitioners within a group can create their own overview template, which are more relevant to their particular discipline.