Appointment Confirmation

The Appointment Confirmation form shows all the details of an appointment, which you can edit, and is where you can link to a patient's Clinical Notes and Invoice. Clicking the Close button at the top right of the form closes the form and takes you back to your full calendar.

Information shown on the Appointment Confirmation form

The Appointment Confirmation form shows the details of the appointment including the date, time, duration and location of the appointment.

It also shows the patient name, appointment status (e.g. confirmed, completed, etc), as well as fee name and amount, and claiming information. Any practical notes that you have included in the Appointment Form are also shown (e.g. reminders about returning left property to a patient).

Making changes to an appointment

You can change details about an appointment or delete an appointment using the edit and delete buttons at the top right of the Appointment Confirmation form. The edit button takes you to the Appointment Form where you can make changes or additions to the appointment, appointment status, patient and fee details, as well as make any practical notes about the appointment. To cancel an appointment, click the cancel button at the top right of the form, and confirm that you want to cancel the appointment.

What else you can do from this page

You can actually run your practice just from your calendar, because you can do a variety of actions just from the Appointment Confirmation form including:

1. Adding Clinical Notes by clicking the Notes button;

2. Managing and changing appointment invoices by clicking the Invoice button; and

3. Accessing a Patient Profile by clicking on the patient's name.