Adding personal appointments

Click the Personal button to add a personal appointment
Making personal appointments

You can add a personal appointment to your calendar at any time of the day or night, on any day of the week. Adding personal appointments such as dentist or lunch appointments ensures that personal and patient commitments do not clash.

To make a personal appointment in your calendar, click the time of the appointment on your calendar. Click the Personal button on the top right of the appointment booking form to change the form into a personal appointment form.

As shown in this video, enter the key information about the appointment, such as:

  • Title/purpose (e.g. lunch);
  • Location (University Cafe, Smithville);
  • Duration; and
  • Other comments, such as practical notes to yourself (e.g. "remember to bring an umbrella").

You can set recurring and repeating personal appointments which function in the same way as recurring and repeating appointments for patient appointments. You can also select a colour for the appointment, and for the text on the appointment.

Click Save to add the personal appointment to your calendar.

You can change the details of the appointment by clicking the edit (pencil) icon, and you can delete the appointment by clicking the delete (cross) icon.

When you make another personal appointment with the same title, HealthKit automatically prepopulates the appointment colour and duration for you.


How do I create a personal appointment in HealthKit?

Click the time of the appointment and then click the Personal button and enter the appointment details.