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Patient records

Get the complete patient picture

HealthKit will truly revolutionise the way you manage patients, with integrated workflow allowing you to get a comprehensive picture of patients, their health and their histories.

HealthKit enables you to:

  • Integrate patient notes, referrals, clinical reports, appointments and invoices in one complete patient profile
  • Create letters, referrals, reports and notes from a comprehensive library of templates
  • Manage appointments under referrals, treatment reports and letters all in the one place
  • Update invoices and fees, all within your case notes

Helping patients manage their own health

We're creating a Patient Health Portal that will enable your patients to track their health between appointments through tools, tests and assessments that you assign for them, giving you a more detailed patient history whenever you need it.

To see how HealthKit can give you a more detailed picture of the patients in your care, sign up below.

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