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Why it's free

We built HealthKit for the same reason you became a doctor or practitioner: to make health better. Our state of the art technology is helping practitioners across the world focus solely on patients, and in the process the HealthKit community is improving lives in every corner of the globe. To achieve our mission we make HealthKit free - not just for a 30 day trial period, or with limitations, but actually free.

We don't think you should have to pay to treat your patients or for software to manage your practice. You can use HealthKit to handle your appointments, patient records and financial reports free of charge.

Free doesn't mean that you're missing out or compromising. HealthKit is renowned as one of the world's most innovative health technologies, tailored specifically to your profession in your country.

All you pay for are add-on products, such as payments processed through our system (like you'd pay your bank) and phone text reminders. That's it. If you don't use these facilities, accessing and using HealthKit is still 100% free.

Sign up today and make health better in your world.

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