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Diary and schedules

The next generation of practice diary management

HealthKit's smart diary function and integrated workflow make it easy to create any appointment, set automatic reminders and completely manage your practice from your calendar. HealthKit's useful features mean you can:

  • View your diary by day, week and month in a single or multi-practitioner view
  • Make patient, group, recurring and personal appointments
  • Use a single diary across multiple practice locations and multiple practitioners
  • Sync your diary with Microsoft Office Outlook, Gmail, iPhone or iCal calendars
  • Access your calendar on any PC or hand-held device
  • Send SMS and email appointment notifications and reminders automatically
  • Receive patient confirmations via SMS
  • Drag and drop appointments from one time slot to another
  • Predict patients' regular appointment types, fees and funding bodies
  • Allow patients to make their own bookings online

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