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Permanent Community Manager Opportunity

Posted 01 February 2014

HealthKit is an award-winning platform for practitioners, patients and people everywhere, making health effective, efficient and accessible, while advancing the frontiers of health informatics to cure the world's health diseases. We're growing very fast and recruiting a Community Manager to connect with, engage and support our global patient and practitioner communities, based in Melbourne, Australia.

This is a role that you can become absolutely passionate about - involving a mix of PR, social media, service and marketing, you'll be making a difference to our users every day. Your typical day will involve:

  • Developing scalable tools, programs and activities to build interaction, connectedness and active usage of HealthKit;
  • Supporting practitioners and patients to increase the number of active users;
  • Interacting with users all over the world;
  • Managing feedback from users;
  • Representing HealthKit to our users every day.

Community Managers come from a variety of backgrounds – but to succeed at HealthKit, you'll be a self-starter who is absolutely passionate about what we do, ready to go over their head and push themselves to the next level in fast-moving, entrepreneurial environment where everything you do matters. You will have at least 3-5 years post-University experience in roles requiring exceptional written communication skills, strong web 2.0 skills, resilience and demonstrated tech savviness.

To succeed in this environment, you'll see this role as not just a job but a way to make a difference to people every day. You'll have a thirst for learning, and able to get things done quickly and accurately, with a desire to build the best health service in the world.

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