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  1. Is HealthKit for sole practitioners or large practices and clinics?

    HealthKit is for practices of all sizes and types, including sole practices, group practices, as well as large multi-profession, multi-location practice clinics.

  2. Which professions are able to use HealthKit?

    Any practitioner of any profession can use HealthKit. HealthKit is tailored specifically to your profession, including allied health practitioners, medical specialists, complementary medicine providers and GPs.

  3. Do I need to install anything to use HealthKit?

    No. HealthKit is online software, so you do not need to install anything. All you need to do is log into HealthKit using your username and password known only to you, and you can start using it straightaway.

  4. Can I use it on PCs or Mac computers? Can I use it on an iPad?

    You can use HealthKit on any computer, including PCs or Mac computers, as well as on iPads.

  5. Do I need multiple licences for my practice and my home office?

    No. Because HealthKit is online, you only need one account and one licence, and you can login anywhere anytime using your username and password.

  6. If HealthKit is for all professions, how can it be customised specifically to my profession and needs?

    HealthKit automatically customises your patient records, clinical reports and fees to your profession when you sign up, and it can handle the breadth of practice types and situations.

  7. I'm in a group practice with different professions - can HealthKit handle that?

    Yes, HealthKit is ideal for multi-disciplinary practices because it tailors clinical records and fees to each practitioner of each profession in the group.

  8. Can a receptionist use the software in a group practice?

    Yes. A receptionist can use HealthKit, and manage appointments, invoices and payments across practitioners within a practice. Just add the receptionist to your account.

  9. Can I add practitioners and administrative staff to my account?

    You can add a practitioner or a receptionist at any time through your account.

  10. Can I set up different access levels for different practitioners in my practice?

    Yes, you can assign different access levels to different practitioners in your practice, as well as to the different types of administrative staff and support that you have in your practice.

  11. I have multiple practice locations - can HealthKit handle that?

    Yes, it can. Invoices are automatically set up for each of your locations (along with each location's provider numbers) and whenever you make an appointment at that location, HealthKit automatically knows which invoice details to use for the appointment. 12.How do updates happen? Updates to your HealthKit software happen automatically, so you do not need to install any updates or patches, and can just get on with using HealthKit.

  12. I'm not a tech genius - how hard is it to learn HealthKit?!

    HealthKit is definitely for you! HealthKit is known for being incredibly easy to use while handling all of the complexities of practice management. You can learn and begin using HealthKit in just a few minutes.

  13. How secure is my HealthKit software?

    HealthKit is backed by bank grade security and 256-bit encryption. All information is encrypted and stored in a securely protected data centre with multiple backups in place. You nominate a unique username and password, which means your account is only viewable by you, or others to whom you grant secure access.

  14. Do I own my data if I use online software?

    Yes, if you use HealthKit you definitely own all your data in your HealthKit account, including practice, clinical and financial data.

  15. Can I get my data if I leave?

    Yes, you can get an extract of your data in HealthKit if you decide to leave HealthKit.

  16. Can I do recurring appointments in HealthKit?

  17. Yes, you can set up appointments that repeat at the same time for a patient, every set number of weeks, months or even years, and/or for a set number of appointments.
  18. Can I do group appointments in HealthKit?

    Yes, you can add multiple patients to an appointment, and have different fees and invoices for each patient.

  19. Does it have patient reminders? Can patients confirm their appointments via SMS?

    Yes, HealthKit provides text and email reminders to assist patients to keep track of their appointments, and patients can respond to SMS reminders, with their confirmations shown in your calendar. Email reminders are provided free of charge, and text reminders attract a small charge.

  20. How much do text reminders and payments processing cost?

    Text reminders cost 22 cents per text (160 characters), and payments processing attracts a processing fee of around 2%, which includes merchant service fees paid to Visa and MasterCard.

  21. Does HealthKit handle any fee or invoice for any funding body?

    HealthKit automatically creates the correct invoice customised to include everything required for any service, fee or funding body, without you needing to do anything.

  22. Can I email invoices?

    Yes, you can email invoices to patients, funding bodies and organisations.

  23. Can I take payments by cash, cheque or methods other than payments processing?

    Yes, you can.

  24. Can I upload or scan documents onto my HealthKit software?

    Yes, you can upload Word and Excel documents, PDFs, photos and scanned documents to your HealthKit account, and save documents to patient profiles.

  25. Can I create my own clinical templates in HealthKit?

    Definitely. You can create your own templates for case notes, clinical reports, letters and referrals in HealthKit, and you can also use templates from HealthKit's global template library.

  26. Does my HealthKit software do financial reports?

    Yes. HealthKit completes your invoicing, billing and revenue calculations for you. You can also track your practice costs, and enable profit and loss reporting.

  27. Does HealthKit do online Medicare and DVA claiming?

    Absolutely. HealthKit allows you to claim Medicare, bulk billing and DVA rebates directly from Medicare and DVA in just one click. Medicare provides the rebate directly into your patients' accounts or your account (if bulkbilled) overnight.

  28. I have more questions! How do I contact HealthKit?

    You can contact us via our website, email us at or give us a call on 1800 984 334 during business hours.

  29. I want to move from my old software into HealthKit - can you migrate my data for me?

    Yes, HealthKit can migrate data from other software into HealthKit. The complexity and timeframe depends on the software that you're using, and there may be a small charge to cover our costs. Please contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

  30. Can I import an excel spreadsheet of my patients?

    Yes, HealthKit can provide you with a spreadsheet on which to add your patients' details, which HealthKit can then upload into your account for you.

  31. Why is HealthKit free?

    HealthKit is free because we want to provide world-class software to every practitioner, and by doing so, we can make health better for patients and practitioners. Check out our video with our founders discussing why HealthKit is free on the It's Free page.

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